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We were given an immense challenge from the homeowner: create an awe-inspiring theater room in respect to both design and technical merits. This space showcases the theater room's impressive size, as well as its many integrated details to enhance the theater experience. The impressive mill work throughout coupled with the giant theater screen catch the eye upon walking in to the space. Comfortable theater seats, thundering bass, and the size of the screen help to immerse guests into any genre they wish for hours at a time. Master builder Ferris Rafauli demanded the ultimate theater experience to complement the design aesthetics of the room. The electronics and speakers for the room are discretely hidden but obvious to those who watch and listen.

The client also requested the best of the best in home theater equipment to complement the room. With this in mind, we chose Classe Audio, B&W Speakers & Subwoofers, and Crestron Electronics to control the system.

We selected the electronics for the room because the engineers at Classe Audio and B&W work closely with one another to create the ideal music and movie experience. One design challenge we ran into was the front door of the theater room was very close to the theater screen wall. As a result we had to design a shallow screen wall which meant selecting speakers and subwoofers with corresponding shallow profiles. An in-wall speaker couldn’t provide the necessary acoustics for the front speaker array we had in mind. Not willing to sacrifice performance, we selected B&W's CT series which are designed for situations like these. We double stacked 4 subwoofers behind the screen wall and another 4 subwoofers underneath the seating platforms. The end result after final audio and video calibration is awe inspiring to anyone watching the latest Hollywood Blockbuster.

Key Features

Ferris Rafauli designed and built theater room

180” Perforated Stewart Filmscreen

Bowers and Wilkins CT8 Speaker System

Eight Bowers and Wilkins Subwoofers

Classe Audio CT Surround Sound Processor & Amplifers

Fourteen Motorized Cinematech Theater Chairs

Quality Partners Used

Seasoned, diligent and driven our goal is to provide our clients with the finest audio-video systems to fit their needs. We work relentlessly using our talent, forward-thinking, focus, and experienced minds to work together with our manufacturer partners to activate ideas and strategies which will provide our clients with high-performance, robust, and intuitive solutions to solve their audio-video needs.

Bowers & Wilkins, Classe, Crestron, Audioquest

Builder Profile

Ferris Rafauli Architectural Design Build Group

Ferris Rafauli is one of Canada’s leading award winning designers and builders of ultra luxury estate homes and lifestyle creations. For more than a decade, his name has been synonymous for iconic designs and precision construction of some of the most notable and luxurious estate homes in the country. He is best known for seamlessly integrating timeless architecture and sumptuous interior designs in each estate home that he designs and builds with a masterful attention to detail. For each of his homes Ferris designs the architecture, landscaping, interior designs, and the fine furnishings. Each of these elements are then seamlessly built with the highest level of craftsmanship and attention to detail by Ferris Rafauli resulting in the ultimate in luxury living. This has made him the first choice among a group of discerning clientele across North America and internationally.


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